If you want to launch your career in animation, gaming, motion graphic design or sound arts, Ex’pression College is the place to transform your dream into reality. Ex’pression’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree programs are accelerated and can be completed in about 2 ½ years.


Emeryville, CA

6601 Shellmound St.
Emeryville, CA 94608
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  • Animation and Visual Effects (Bachelor)
    Expression’s Animation and Visual Effects Bachelor of Applied Science Program is designed to launch students toward a successful career in visual effects for film and television, and emerging applications for 3D visualization, and video games. Students will learn the fundamentals of design, art, and animation, and then apply this knowledge to 3D modeling, character animation, motion capture, character rigging, texture and lighting, compositing and more.
  • Game Art and Design (Bachelor)
    Expression’s Game Art & Design Program begins with strong Fine Arts fundamentals, and builds upward towards advanced conceptual design. If you are looking to apply your talent in the interactive 3D realm, or want to manipulate game engines in a professional pipeline environment, Game Art & Design will give you the artistic and technical foundation to make your mark in the game industry.
  • Motion Graphic Design (Bachelor)
    Expression’s Motion Graphic Design program provides students with a traditional design background in addition to learning professional grade motion graphic design. Students learn the fundamentals of design: everything from traditional drawing, typography, concept creation and color theory, to web, 3D and motion design. Software learned includes Adobe CS Suite, After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Dreamweaver, and CSS.
  • Sound Arts (Bachelor)
    Expression’s Sound Arts Program provides students with the knowledge and skills to help shape the cutting edge of audio creation. The focus is hands-on experience, and access to digital audio equipment and software. Training in the Sound Arts Program prepares students for the challenges of music recording, engineering, audio post-production for film and television, video games, live sound, MIDI production, studio management, and multi-media non-linear editing.