By gaining an Associates or Bachelor’s degree in business administration, a number of careers are available. For most, the biggest problem is narrowing the field while in college. It is best to specialize in one area (Accounting, Communications, Finance, Information Systems, Health Services, Hospitality, Human Resources, Management, Sales/Marketing, and Small Business) because many careers look for those with specialized skills. Job duties and salaries vary greatly.

Specializing in Accounting

One who has a degree in Business Administration with accounting as a specialty can then go on to gain jobs working alongside an accountant, work as a bookkeeper for a small company, or work as a tax consultant. Those interested in this specialty should enjoy working with calculators, financial software such as Quickbooks, and have an eye for detail. One mistaken figure can throw financial records off.

Specializing in Communications

A Business Administration degree with a specialty in Communications is great for those interested in becoming a technical writer. This is a growing field as more companies are in need of men and women who can write thorough, easy to follow computer manuals, training materials, instruction guides, and more. Often these people must have high typing speeds, an excellent grasp of grammar, and enjoy writing detailed material. Work days include plenty of time spent typing up and editing these guides, but working from home is an intriguing option.

Specializing in Finance

Today’s world seems to revolve fully around money. A Business Administration degree concentrating on finance allows a man or woman to work in banking, financial firms, and other related businesses. Again, a person interested in this field must enjoy working with numbers and must have an eye for detail. Pay in this field is often higher than in other fields due to the natures of the businesses.

Specializing in Information Systems

Information Systems are necessary in any business because they are the programs that keep customer records, sales records, and more. Those with this specialty will work with computers regularly maintaining computer records and software. Due to the wide range of businesses out there, those with this degree can work for virtually any computer helping with data entry, reports, and the programs themselves.

Specializing in Insurance

Health insurance companies are growing in leaps and bounds and there is a strong need for conscientious workers who can process medical and dental claims, handle patient records while following the strict privacy laws, and also help run a medical or dental office. Those whose degree focuses on Health Services often find high paying jobs quickly and easily because of the high demand. Job duties may include checking in patients, coding medical forms following a patient’s visit, or handling insurance claims to ensure the doctor is paid.

Specializing in Hospitality

Working in a hotel or resort is a dream job to many. By gaining a Business Administration degree with a focus in hospitality, a student is prepared to run the front desk in a hotel, restaurant, or other travel or entertainment venues. Often a job of this nature comes with a discount that makes the job highly desirable. Pay scales are not as high in this field, but the perks make up for it!

Specializing in Human Resources

Those interested in handling payroll, employee benefits, hiring/firing, and labor relations should go for a degree that focuses on Human Resources. Job duties often include running a front office, handling payroll, handing out paychecks, scheduling vacations, interviewing potential employees, managing and researching job benefits, and handling exit interviews for exiting employees.

Specializing in Management

A degree with management as a specialty is necessary for anyone interested in managing a business or department. This can be a rather stressful job as many loathe their boss because it is that person who assigns work. Pay scales are higher though and with good management skills, it is easy to gain friends with your employees.

Specializing in Marketing

Sales and Marketing is a perfect career for the outgoing men and women who want to spend long hours talking to potential customers. Sales can be high pressure and often salaries are based on commissions, so to make a lot of money, one must succeed at selling. Public relations is another option for those with degrees in marketing. Public Speaking skills are important, but one spends plenty of time meeting with other men and women, going out on business lunches, or dinners that the company pays for making it an intriguing career.

Specializing in Business

Finally, if you have every dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, a Business Administration degree with a focus in Small Business is the best way to go. This degree shapes people to eventually own and run their own business. Hours can be very long while starting out, and often there are money struggles while building the business, but once a business is successful, the owner can set his or her own hours, work from home when desired, and have the freedom of being his or her own boss.

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