Research And Knowledge

Being a real estate broker is all about being informed and doing research. It is absolutely essential that you understand every aspect of the area where you will be working. In most cases, real estate brokers and sales agents start working in their local region because they generally already have a good knowledge of the location in which they live. This existing knowledge gives a new broker or agent the chance to learn exactly what clients deem to be important before they chance their luck in a different area.

Local Schools

Education is always an important factor for families when choosing a home to purchase. Young families will want to know the performance of the local elementary schools and preschools; families with older children will be looking for information on high schools and colleges. Parents are likely to ask about the number of students, recent test results and the number of children per teacher. Some parents may also want to know about the availability of sports and other extracurricular activities such as art or music.

Factors Concerning Employment

Employment is another factor that can determine whether a client wishes to move to an area. Most people want to move to an area that has a lot of job opportunities available, but they will also want to be sure that the opportunities offered closely match their own requirements for work. For example, industrial workers are not likely to want to move to an area that is heavily reliant on tourism. Unemployment figures, details of the largest local employers and commute times will be the questions most often asked.

Local Amenities and their Accessibility

Amenities are essential to almost every client. While shopping can be done largely online, people still want the convenience of being able to pay a quick visit to local shops. If there are local malls or supermarkets then you should know how far they are and how easy they are to reach by foot and by car. You should also be able to give an accurate account of where the nearest major bus routes, train routes, and airports are.

Crime and Living Conditions

Crime rates and general living conditions may be slightly more difficult to get hold of but they are important. Low crime rates are obviously preferential but being able to confidently say that a house is situated in a close-knit community that keeps an eye out for one another will go a long way to help sell an area to a client.

General Trivia and History of the Area

Local trivia and interesting facts can often help sell a neighborhood or town. Clients are unlikely to ask, but if you are able to tell them that the latest big thing in Hollywood actually grew up three doors down, you would be surprised the effect it may have. Giving a brief history of the town and, in particular, the neighborhood in question is a very good way to generate interest in an area and is another vital weapon in the real estate broker’s arsenal.

Matching your Client to the Right Property in the Right Neighborhood

In addition to having good knowledge of the area you should attempt to find out as much as possible about the client. By closely matching your client to the real estate you show them, you can increase your chances of a sale and decrease the amount of time needed to show them around potential properties. You can also have your answers to common questions researched as thoroughly as possible. Don’t forget that general interests and hobbies may also play a part. Avid fishermen may want to know if there are any good fishing spots locally whereas keen sportsmen may want to know where the nearest ballpark is and how well the local teams are doing.

A Final Word of Warning

The days of the underhanded real estate broker are long gone. It is important that you always speak directly and truthfully to your clients. False information generally has a nasty way of coming back to haunt you, especially when your former client looks to move home again. Don’t forget that a happy customer is a loyal customer and that nearly every real estate agent depends on client referrals to grow his or her network.

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